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T & C Piano Enterprise was established in December 2016 to produce M.Premium pianos. The innovation of Magnetic Grand Touch with the Master Artisan has been more than ten years. The Magnetic Grand Touch is finally fit in M. Premium Pianos through years of research and development.

The aim of T & C Piano Enterprise is to produce affordable and high quality pianos for the market. M. Premium Pianos have a sweeter and wider spectrum of sound. Sensitive piano touch with smooth keyboard feel were designed for pianist, Playing on the M. Premium Piano brings great enjoyment and satisfaction regardless you are a professional, teacher or student.

Things That Make Sounds Good!

Middle agent between pianist's fingers and action.
The Magnetic Grand Touch can be adjusted easily from light to heavy and vice versa according to personal preference. Smooth feel across the keyboard. Easy control, super responsive and sensitive touch.
Soft Fall Mechanism and Finishing
Soft fall mechanism to let the fallboard to close slowly. Slow closing fallboard can prevent fingers and hand injury.
High gloss polyester(PE) finishing enhances the beauty of the piano.
Three standard pedals-Sustain, Pratice and Una Corda.

The sound will be sustain when it is depressed after letting the keys off till the sound dies off naturally. When it is used discriminately, it will give colourful sound to the music in advance repertoires.

The middle practice pedal is to reduced the sound for night time practising to minimize disturbance of your family and neighbours.

The una corda pedal is used to reduce the striking force of the hammers towards the strings to reduce the sound. It is depressed for playing pianissimo or even softer music.
Piano Cabinet and Back Post

The piano casing gives the shape of the piano. The round edges of the cabinet enhances the beauty of the piano. It is another child safety feature. The back posts of the piano and the cast iron plate enhance sturdiness to withstand the high pulling force of the strings.
Tuning Pins and Pin Block

Piano tuners using tuning hammer to turn the pins to tune the piano. Using computer Numerical Control (CNC) to insert the tuning pins. This technology increases high precision and coherence of the angle and depth of the tuning pins. 14 layer of pin block enhances tuning stability.
Strings, Bridge, Bridge Pins, Soundboard

Strings are set to vibration by hammers to produce musical sound. Suzuki strings have high tensile force, they do not break easily. Carbonated strinngs prevent rusting.

Then the sound is heard, the vibration of the strings are transmited to the bridge. The bridge then transmits the vibration to the soundboard to magnify the vibration of the strings.

Hard wood bridge to ensure that it does not split easily under high tension of strings. Using Computer Numerical Control(CNC) technique to cut notches precisely to give conherence terminating points of strings.

Bridge pins give the strings side bearing and hold them tightly.Using Computer Numerical Control(CNC) method to drill the bridge pins to give a precise position so that the strings will solidly in contact with the bridge and transmit the vibration to the soundboard.

Soundboard is the speaker of the piano. It magnifies the sound to be heard. Russian Sitka Spruce is used to construct the soundboard. Spruce is a suitable sound wood to make musical instruments. Well constructed soundboard will give better projection of sound.
Hammer Head
Hammer hit the strings to produce vibration. The musical sound is heard.
100% wool hammer heads produce more natural sound with its own character. It gives wider spectrum of sound and sounds sweeter.

Our Dealers

Tutti Music
Bonn Music & Dance Academy
Ancient Music In Vogue
Jen Music Studio
Shah Alam
My Music Lab
Rhythmic Music & Dance
Musictree Studio
My Music Lab
Petaling Jaya
88 Keys Music
Jen Music Studio
Craz Music & Art Academy
Gloria Musica
Life Symphony Muisc & Arts
Color Clef Music Centre
Primo Vibrato Music Centre
Emsa Studio
Primo Vibrato
Fun Music N Art School
Legato Music & Arts Centre
Vivace Music Distributor
Concerto Music Valley
The Guitar Store (M) S/B
MOTC Music Studio
Chin Chin Music House
Guidance Musical Equipment & Learning Centre
Meglee Music And Art Centre
Eighty-8 Keys Music Centre
Chings' Studio & Library
Eng Joo Seng Music Enterprise
Gloria Musica
JY Klasik Music & Arts Academy
V-7 Music Academy
Inote Music Academy
Shen Liyi Transport
Batu Pahat
Muse Performing Arts
Acapella Music Studio
Johor Bahru
Beethoven Music Academy
Fantasy Music Centre
Symphonic Music & Art Academy
La Dolcissimo Music & Art
Clavier And Opus Music Center
Fine Art House
Chew Music Kids Enterprise
Acapella Music Studio
High Note Music Centre
Shen Liyi Transport
La Petite Musique Centre
Muse Performing Arts
Sze Ying Music Studio
Sound Of Music Centre
Henryk Maxwell Conservatory
E.B. Piano Studio
LBS Music
Pianoforte Studio
J.Y. Klasik S/B
Piano World Music Centre
Cadenza Music Academy
IMH Music House S/B
Le Musica
Oriental Music Centre
Do Re Mi Music Centre

dealers are using M. Premium Piano, MP125PE for Trinity and LCM piano examinations.

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